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    • ''Cr - Cy,'' 1930-1992

    • General Correspondence, Box 005, Folder 011
    • Cramer, Samuel; Cree, Allan; Crockett, R.; Cross, Eugene W.; Crotinger, William; Crowe, Linda; Cruikshank, Dale P.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Crump, Ron; Crump, Judy; Culbert, J.; Cunningham, S. B.; Cutter, Sally; Cyr, Donald Lee; Rogers...
    • Pluto (Dwarf planet); Discoveries in science; Compliments; Autographs; Crockett, R.--Correspondence; Space Shuttle Program (U.S.); Telescopes; Astronomy; Boy Scouts of America; Girl Scouts of America; Speeches, addresses, etc.; Anniversaries;...
    • General (letters home), 1929-1930

    • Family Correspondence, Box 001, Folder 005
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Brothers and sisters; Vacations; Education--Curricula; Wood-carving; Walnut Canyon National Monument (Ariz.); Anxiety; Homecoming; Grand Canyon (Ariz.); Photography--Plates; Wages; Sunset Crater (Ariz.); Horses--Feeding and feeds; Railroad travel;...
    • Round Robin letters, 1939-1980

    • Family Correspondence, Box 001, Folder 012
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Tombaugh, Patricia Edson; Tombaugh, Annette Roberta
    • Mars (Planet); Blink comparators; Milky Way; Astronomy--Research; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Childbirth; Families; Brothers and sisters; California; Automobile travel; Observatories; Astronomy--Observations; Mercury (Planet)--Transit; Discussion;...
    • Round Robin letters, 1939-1980

    • Family Correspondence, Box 001, Folder 013
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Tombaugh, Patricia Edson;
    • Slipher, Vesto Melvin, 1875-1969; Brothers and sisters; Illinois; Glenn, John, 1921-2016; Scheduling; Tombaugh, Annette Roberta; Families; Automobile travel; Interpersonal relations; Aunts; Storer, Norman W.; Illinois; Childbirth; Tombaugh, Roy...
    • Fan Mail, 1963

    • Fan Mail, Box 015, Folder 005
    • Carrouges, Michel; Bosch, Herbert A.; Cransky, Raleigh; Matter, Eleanor; Crotty, William E.; Chavez, Joe; Hill, Don; Hewlett, Bill
    • Unidentified flying objects; Authorship; Physics--Research; Mars (Planet); College students; Education; Jupiter (Planet); Autographs; Planets--Study and teaching; Astrology; Science fairs; Telescopes; Fan Mail
    • Lampland, C. O., 1932-1951

    • General Correspondence, Box 008, Folder 014
    • Lampland, C. O. (Carl Otto), 1873-1951;
    • Astronomy--Observations Publications; Slipher, Vesto Melvin, 1875-1969; Discoveries in science; Lampland, C. O. (Carl Otto), 1873-1951--Correspondence; Atomic bomb; American Association for the Advancement of Science--Scholarships, fellowships,...
    • ''Se - Sh,'' 1936 - 1993

    • General Correspondence, Box 011, Folder 012
    • Seger, Eugene R.,; Sepp, Eva; Shafer, Carl W.; Sharpe, Mitchell R.; Shaw, Harry A.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Shaw, Dorothy; Shelton, William; Shenkle, Paul G.; Sherman, Hub T.; Shinkle, Betty
    • Astronomy; Solar system; Telescopes; Sepp, Eva--Correspondence; Shafer, Carl W.--Correspondence; Project Orbiter (U.S.); Telescopes--Design and construction; Telescopes; Correspondence; Photographs; Schmidt telescopes; Shinkle, Betty--Correspondence
    • Tedesco, Edward F., 1977-1985

    • General Correspondence, Box 012, Folder 027
    • Tedesco, Edward F.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Scheduling; Voyages and travels; Discoveries in science; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Charon (Satellite); Astronomy--Congresses; Astronomy--Observations Research; Thank you notes; Invitation cards; Eclipses; Mailing lists
    • ''Wa - We,'' 1937-1992, No. 1

    • General Correspondence, Box 013, Folder 005
    • Waid, Ralph; Wagoner, John; Walkden, S. L.; Wallace, Sharon; Walton, K. P.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Warner, Fred W.; Watson, John C.; Sheldon, James; Weikel, Larry F.; Welsher, Lenora C.; West, Richard M., 1941-; Weyand, Richard
    • Telescopes; Vocational guidance; Texas Star Party, Inc.; Telescopes; Newtonian telescopes; Signatures (Writing); Telescopes--Herschelian; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997--Family; Radio plays; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Discoveries in science;...
    • Various items of correspondence, No. 2

    • Herb Beebe Accession, Box 013a, Folder 005
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Lampland, C. O. (Carl Otto), 1873-1951; Hoyt, William Graves; Wilson, Albert George, 1918-;
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Publications; Soviet Union; Space race; Atomic bomb; Asteroids; Photography--Plates; Lowell Observatory--Tours; Photographs; Constellations; Death; Coblentz, Virgil, 1862-; Photostat; Large astronomical...
    • Luyten, W. J., 1940

    • Lowell Observatory, Box 068, Folder 014
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Luyten, Willem Jacob, 1899-1994;
    • Saturn (Planet)--Ring system; Publications; Cassegrainian telescopes; Astronomy--Observations
    • Penrod, Douglas L., 1967

    • Subject Files, Box 063, Folder 007
    • Penrod, Douglas L.
    • Amateur astronomy; American Astronomical Society--Membership; Unidentified flying objects
    • Becker, Randy, 1950-1952

    • White Sands Proving Ground, Box 070, Folder 024
    • Becker, Randy; Smith, Lloyd G.
    • V-2 rocket; V-2 rocket--Testing; Weather; Thunderstorms; Floods; Astronomers; Travel; Mathematics--Study and teaching; Mathematics--Problems, exercises, etc.; Studying; Thesis and dissertation; Laboratories; Experiments; Employees--Recruiting;...
    • Corn, James C., 1952-1955

    • White Sands Proving Ground, Box 071, Folder 004
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Corn, James C.;
    • Mars (Planet)--Geology; Mars (Planet)--Atmosphere; Life on other planets--Possibility; Astronomy--Observations; Telescopes; Photographs from space; Comets; Observatories; Rosse, William Parsons, Earl of, 1800-1867; Amateur astronomy; Jupiter...
    • Hoffleit, Dorrit, 1949-1951

    • White Sands Proving Ground, Box 071, Folder 015
    • Hoffleit, Dorrit; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Publications; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Telescopes; Travel; Astronomy--Research; Lectures; Optical instruments; Astronomers; Astronomy--Clubs; Testing; Photography--Films; Venus (Planet); Astronomical Society of Las Cruces;
    • La Paz, Lincoln, 1946-1953

    • White Sands Proving Ground, Box 071, Folder 019
    • La Paz, Lincoln; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Astronomy--Observations; Astronomy--Research; Photographs; Photographs from space; Meteorites; Meteorite craters; Asteroids; Astronomy--Charts, diagrams, etc.; Cameras; V-2 rocket--Testing; Meetings; Job offers; Employees--Recruiting; Research;...
    • Lampland, C. O., 1947-1951

    • White Sands Proving Ground, Box 071, Folder 020
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Lampland, C. O. (Carl Otto), 1873-1951
    • V-2 rocket; V-2 rocket--Testing; Ballistics; Earth (Planet); Photographs; Mirrors; Reflecting telescopes; Rockets (Aeronautics); Optical instruments--Technological innovations; Optical instruments--Design and construction; Telescopes; Research;...
    • Martz, E. P., Jr., 1948-1955

    • White Sands Proving Ground, Box 071, Folder 021
    • Martz, Edwin P., Jr.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Becar, N. J.
    • Tracking (Engineering); Telescopes and optics -- Design and construction; Ballistics; Optical instruments; Optical instruments--Design and construction; Atmosphere; Telescopes; Refracting telescopes; Telescopes--Design and construction; Mars...


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