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  • Series: Fan Mail
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    • Fan Mail, 1964

    • Fan Mail, Box 015, Folder 008
    • Yago, Betty Lee; Edgar, Evelyn McDuffet; Ahrens, Richard L.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Baron, Richard; Schendel, Jim; Collins, Allen Lee; Britain, Roy; Campbell, Benny; Greenway, Cornelius; Calhoun, Stuart Wayne
    • Yago, Betty Lee--Correspondence; Thank-you notes; Mercury (Planet); Sun; Cosmic rotation; Autographs; Souvenirs (Keepsakes); Fan mail; Telescopes; Photographs
    • Fan Mail, 1969

    • Fan Mail, Box 017, Folder 004
    • Wright, Melissa; Collins, Allen Lee; Stack, Michele; Pacheca, Douglas; Goldner, Eric; Bean, Marshall E.; Frederic Elementary School (Frederic, Wisc.) sixth grade reading class; Davis, Celeste; Collins, Allen Lee
    • Wright, Melissa--Fan mail; Astronomy; Collins, Allen Lee--Fan mail; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Pacheca, Douglas--Fan mail; Goldner, Eric--Fan mail; Bean, Marshall E.--Correspondence; Frederic Elementary School (Frederic, Wis.)--Fan mail;...
    • Fan Mail, January - April, 1980

    • Fan Mail, Box 022, Folder 009
    • Witzgall, Rory; Cuttitta, Cecile; Davis, Matt; Seavert, Florence
    • Postcards; Compliments; Inspiration; Amateur astronomy; Questions and answers; Names--Pluto (Dwarf planet); Planet X; Autographs; Discoveries in science; Life on other planets--Possibility; Telescopes;
    • Fan Mail, 1976

    • Fan Mail, Box 021, Folder 002
    • Williams, Mike; Haumann, Sharon; Peirsanti, Mr.; Oliver, Lisa; Stiner, Kim; Piquett, Michele; King, Jeff; Owens, Carole; Wagner, Kris; Smoot, Lori; Valatkas, Sherri; Oliver, Michael; Beurrier, Sandy; Pullen, Jackie; Flemister, Karen; Griffin,...
    • School children--Correspondence; Questions and answers; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Fan mail; Amateur astronomy; White dwarf stars; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Telescopes--Design and construction; Discoveries in science;
    • Fan Mail, January - September, 1965

    • Fan Mail, Box 015, Folder 010
    • Wheeler, Debra; Winston, Kenneth; Weir, Robert C.; Almeida, David; Strum, Eleinor Jane; Vogel, Tony; Odell Terry; Price, Charles; Leonard, Kelly; Young, Karl; Graham, Steven; Currell, Mark; Kettner, Steve; Brandimore, Dale; Shelton, John; Yago,...
    • Fan mail; Authorship; Young adults; Science; Telescopes; Planets; Photographs; School children--Correspondence; Telescopes--Design and construction; Unidentified flying objects; Lunar photography; Mars (Planet); Martians; Mars (Planet)--Meteorology
    • Fan Mail, 1967

    • Fan Mail, Box 016, Folder 008
    • Wallies, Brian; Barlow, Krista; Figueroa, Yanira; Ruybal, Cheryl; Gibbons, Patrick S.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Wroblewski, Sue; Baccus, Kathy; Darvick, Herman M.; McCabe, Terry
    • Autographs; Compliments; Notes; School children--Correspondence; Astronomy; School prose; Creative writing; Simon, Tony. Search for Planet X; Reading; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.); Apologies; Discoveries...
    • Fan Mail, January - September, 1975

    • Fan Mail, Box 020, Folder 009
    • Ulstrup, Leif; Capone, James; Fuerst, Florence; Estrida, John; Elgin, Tammy; Zerbe, Allen; David, Elliot; Lewis, Dianne; Harsh, Diana; Reynolds, Dale; Gagnon, Kim; Wiler, Mark; Griffin, Felicia
    • School children--Correspondence; Fan mail; Questions and answers;
    • Fan Mail, 1971

    • Fan Mail, Box 018, Folder 003
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Le Croy, Wendell; Smith, Queen Esther; Elmore, Linda; Tomes, Lottie Mae; Graves, Ernestine; Harutunian, Greg; Waid, Ralph; Soplanda, Bill; Condon, Janis; Markham, Zane; Shelton, Sue; Dailey, Kim; Rice, Katy;...
    • Questions and answers; Mars (Planet); Moon--Exploration; Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.); School children--Correspondence; Fan mail; Telescopes; Telescopes--Design and construction; Earthquakes; Books; Discoveries in science; Pluto (Dwarf...
    • Fan Mail, October - December, 1965

    • Fan Mail, Box 016, Folder 001
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Kastner, Elizabeth; Heinzman, Walter P.; Boyd, Janet; Lang, Mrs. Harry; Craghead, Sandra; Ford, Ricky; Guthrie, Larry; Mills, Candace; Koch, Harry F.
    • Photographs; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Postcards; Autographs; School children--Correspondence; Universal Research Society of America LaPorte (Ind.); Mars (Planet)
    • Fan Mail, January - September, 1975

    • Fan Mail, Box 020, Folder 007
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Cohen, Edward L.; Baldwin, Rideaux A.; Lenss, Mary Jo; Leier, Tim
    • Pluto (Dwarf planet); Discoveries in science; Thank-you notes; Pluto (Dwarf planet)--Press coverage; School children--Correspondence
    • Fan Mail, 1967

    • Fan Mail, Box 016, Folder 011
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Alger, Doris M.; Sheet, Ernest; Yazzie, Virginia; Barber, Debra; Chavez, Louie; Gomez, Shirley; Mora, Theodore; Perez, Mike; Azua, Robert; Chavez, Edward; Romero, Yolanda; Rosales, Cynthia; Lopez, Ferne; Arviso,...
    • Alger, Doris M.--Correspondence; Fan mail; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Vocational guidance; Notes; Unidentified flying objects; Telescopes
    • Fan Mail, April - December, 1974

    • Fan Mail, Box 020, Folder 002
    • Thompson, Carol; Dornbuck, Mike; Leffelman, Stanley; McCarmey, Kelly; Urich, Joel; Withey, Marcia; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Murdock, Ms.; Halliwell Dave; Litchman, Craig; Stephens, Lisa; Sharkey, Kevin; Smith, Gina; Krupp, Valli; Fage,...
    • School children--Correspondence; Questions and answers; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Telescopes--Design and construction; Astronomy; Discoveries in science; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Telescopes; Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.); Questions and...
    • Fan Mail, January - September, 1975

    • Fan Mail, Box 020, Folder 008
    • Swift, Scott; Ludwigsen, Sue; Western Hills School; Payne, Blanch; Rein, Kristin; Walker, Laura; Ortiz, Michael; Reason, Cindy; Roger; T., Andrew; Watson, Grant; Wescanko, Richard; Little, Calvin; Howell, Wendy; Guerra, Laura; Deaver, Dessria;...
    • Fan mail; Addresses; Anniversaries; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Discoveries in science; School children--Correspondence; Autographs; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997--Autobiography;
    • Fan Mail, April - December, 1974

    • Fan Mail, Box 020, Folder 004
    • Stranathan, Jessie; Dahlberg, Mats; Swanson, Scott
    • Stranathan, Jessie--Correspondence; Autographs; Fan mail; Telescopes;
    • Fan Mail, January - March, 1974

    • Fan Mail, Box 019, Folder 011
    • Stinnette, Kathy; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Mentock, Dick; Medhus, Dane; Moorman, Dixie
    • Fan mail; Amateur astronomy; Mathematics; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997--Correspondence; Book proposals; Stars; Neutron stars; School children--Correspondence; Questions and answers;
    • Fan Mail, April - December, 1974

    • Fan Mail, Box 020, Folder 006
    • Späth, Ove von; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Schnathorst, Shari; Debicki, John S.
    • Books; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Questions and answers; Kuiper, Gerard P. (Gerard Peter), 1905-1973. Planets and satellites; Planet X; Blink comparators; Amateur astronomy; Autographs; Debicki, John S.--Correspondence
    • Fan Mail, September - December, 1972

    • Fan Mail, Box 019, Folder 001
    • Snodgrass, Brenda; Trego, William Henry; Trego, William Henry , Mrs.; Rajabalee, Mustapha H.; Wright, Laurie; Holm, Kevin E.; Henry, Edith H.; Davis, Kei; Burton, Roddy; Stull, Pam; Hurst, John; Wolf, Daniel; Wax, John; Kesner, Daloyd; Bone, Roddy;...
    • Snodgrass, Brenda--Fan mail; Trego, William Henry--Correspondence; Trego, William Henry, Mrs.--Correspondence; Rajabalee, Mustapha H.--Fan mail; Wright, Laurie--Fan mail; Holm, Kevin E.--Fan mail; Thank-you notes; Moon
    • Fan Mail, 1966

    • Fan Mail, Box 016, Folder 003
    • Smith, Katherine W.; Paralisi, Edward; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Sanchez, Manuel P.; Pace, Jack; Foster, Frank; Haynes, Barry; Hoppes, Phil; Backos, Billy; Carrera, Jimmy; Fuller, Debra; Grady, Sherri; Grammer, Gail A.; Hampson, Mike;...
    • Questions and answers; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Cassegrainian telescopes; Fan mail; Street addresses; Photographs from space--Southwestern States; Mexico; Coronado, Francisco Vásquez de, 1510-1554; Research; Motion pictures; Astronomy--Study and...
    • Fan Mail, 1979

    • Fan Mail, Box 022, Folder 001
    • Silver, Steven; Rogers, Frankie; Shuett, Irwin M.; Ropp, Thomas; Schmidt, Raymond; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Alaska, Barth; Ganz, David M.
    • Astronomers; Amateur astronomy; Autographs; Books; Writing; Anniversaries; Pluto (Dwarf planet) (Dwarf planet)--Names; Telescopes; Telescopes--Design and construction;Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997--Interviews; Interviewing in journalism; Fan...


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