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  • Series: NMSU Research Center
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    • Form letters, 1966

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 030
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Form letters; Vocational guidance; Education; Astronomy--Study and teaching; Science; Unidentified flying objects; Books; Books and reading; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Discoveries in science; Science--Vocational guidance; Telescopes; Periodicals
    • Zebergs, Velta, 1962

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 028
    • Zebergs, Velta; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Books; Authorship; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Discoveries in science; Photography--Plates; Astronomy--Observations; Thank-you notes;
    • Correspondents (Y-Z), 1964-1968

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 027
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Yung, Eddie H., Jr.
    • Technical reports; Satellites; Satellites--Research; Satellites--Tracking; Apologies; Mie scattering; United States. Air Force--Tactical aviation; Pope, Thomas; Compliments; Employment references
    • Wilson, Albert G. (Icarus), 1967-1968

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 026
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Wilson, Albert George, 1918-; Armstrong, H. L.
    • Manuscripts; Editing; Mars (Planet); Technical writing; Publications; Mars (Planet); Aristotle; Difference (Philosophy); Refutation (Logic); Bibliographical citations; Thank-you notes; Satellites; Technical reports; Satellites--Research
    • Whipple, Fred L., 1962

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 025
    • Whipple, Fred L. (Fred Lawrence), 1906-2004; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Science; Astronomy; Whipple, Fred L. (Fred Lawrence), 1906-2004. Earth, moon, and planets; Authorship; Discoveries in science; Astronomers; Photography--Plates; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997. Reminiscences...
    • Webb, Wells A., 1960-1961

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 024
    • Webb, Wells A.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Scholarly publishing; Mars (Planet); Shklovskiĭ, I. S.; Reprints (Publications); Mars (Planet)--Maps; Thank-you notes; Science--Methodology;
    • Correspondents (W), 1959-1968

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 023
    • Wach, Madonna; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Wardwell, Kenneth C.; Whitcomb, Bruce; Wilkins, H. P. (Hugh Percival), 1896-1960; Willey, R. H.; Williams, Marjorie; Wood, Lloyd A.; Woolson, Gary W.; Wrobel, John E., Jr.; Wyburn, Fred
    • Periodicals; School children; Photographs; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Copyright; Thank-you notes; Degrees, Academic; Astronomy; Venus (Planet); Astronomy--Observations; Transits; Mercury (Planet); Mercury (Planet)--Transit;...
    • Correspondents (V), 1964-1969

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 022
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Valentry, Duane
    • Astronomy; Books; Authorship; Planets; Children; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Addresses; Apologies; Reputation; Disappointment; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997. Reminiscences of the discovery of Pluto; Simon, Tony. Search for Planet X; Photographs;...
    • U.S. Army Research Office-Durham (North Carolina), 1961-1964

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 021
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Ulsh, Richard O.
    • Equipment and supplies; Astronomical instruments; United States. Office of Ordnance Research; Lists; Costs; Thank-you notes; Publications; Meteors; Mars (Planet); Soviet Union; Research; Technical reports; United States. National Aeronautics and...
    • Correspondents (U), 1960

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 020
    • Urbano, Steven; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Planets; Discoveries in science; Soviet Union; Asteroids; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Astronomy--Observations; Errors
    • Tross, Carl, 1959

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 019
    • Tross, Carl; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Moon; Albedo; Moon--Observations; Lunar surface vehicles; Moon--Surface; Travel; Photographs; Alter, Dinsmore, 1888-1968
    • Thomas, David A., 1965

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 018
    • Thomas, David A.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • Research grants; Globes; Earth (Planet); Employment references
    • Correspondents (T), 1959-1969

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 017
    • Tatsch, J. H.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Tepper, Donald E.; Thornton, Jack N.; Barry, Veronica; Tooker, Tom; Truesdale, John C., 1921-2011
    • Armed Forces; Vocational guidance; Astronomy; Graduate students; Salaries; Planetary science; Satellites--Research; Satellites--Tracking; Satellites--Observations; Technical reports; Hypothesis; Bagby, John P.; Thank-you notes; Saturn (Planet);...
    • Strong, John, 1961-1965

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 016
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Strong, John, 1905-
    • Spherical astronomy; Employment; Apologies; Astronomy--Study and teaching; College teaching; Newtonian telescopes; Astronomy--Observations; Thank-you notes; Publications; Astronomy--Observations; Astrophysics; Optics; Scholarly publishing;...
    • Spitz, Armand N., 1961

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 015
    • Spitz, Armand; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997
    • School children; Pluto (Dwarf planet); Neptune (Planet); Astronomy--Observations--Problems, exercises, etc.; Questions and answers; Perturbation (Astronomy); Planetary science; Meetings; Astronomy--Observations; Lowell, Percival, 1855-1916
    • Spinrad, Hyron (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), 1961-1962

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 014
    • Spinrad, Hyron, 1934-; Smith, Brad, 1931-2018
    • Venus (Planet); Photography, Ultraviolet; Carbon dioxide; Ultraviolet spectrometry; Apologies; Jupiter (Planet); Jupiter (Planet)--Spectra; Jupiter (Planet)--Photographs
    • Space World, 1961

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 013
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Binder, Otto O. (Otto Oscar), 1911-1975
    • Mars (Planet); Publications; Mars (Planet)--Geology; Mars (Planet)--Surface; Life on other planets; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Thank-you notes; Abstracts; Zigler, Felix; Life on other planets; Unidentified flying objects; Interstellar...
    • Sky and Telescope, 1960-1968

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 011
    • Smith, Brad, 1931-2018; Shawcross, William E.; Federer, Charles A., Jr.; Ashbrook, Joseph, 1918-1980; Watts, Raymond N., Jr.; Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Robinson, Leif J.
    • Transits; Newtonian telescopes; Mercury (Planet); Mercury (Planet)--Transit; Weather; Astronomy--Observations; Telescopes; Thank-you notes; Ephemerides; Deadlines; Periodicals; Publishers and publishing; Jupiter (Planet); Jupiter (Planet)--Surface;...
    • Sims, Ward L., 1959-1961

    • NMSU Research Center, Box 087, Folder 009
    • Tombaugh, Clyde William, 1906-1997; Sims, Ward L.
    • Lectures and lecturing; Summer institutes; Scheduling; National Science Foundation (U.S.); Per diem allowances; Thank-you notes; Apologies; Disappointment


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